Personal Website V1.

Timeline: August 2017

Github: Personal Website V1

Front-end Design, Web Developmen

Technologies Used:
Html, Css, Bulma, Jquery, Node.js, Express


In the summer of 2017, I thought it was time that I put in some time in order to develop my personal portfolio as well as my web development skills. As this was my first website that I had ever created on my own.


This was the first time that I had put together a website without any guidance. I had to teach myself a new framework (bulma) and also heavily customize it so that it would cater to my needs. In addition, I had much difficulty in designing much of the backgrounds as I had no experience with working with svg files but I was able to teach myself how to use inkscape to get around this. The primary dificult came in settling on a design that I liked as there were multiple designs that I had looked at before I decided to go with the one I had used.

What I learned:

Throughout this I became much more comfortable with web development tools as well as basic web concepts such as restful routing and making http endpoints. In addition to this, I became more comfortale with front end work in html/css