People's Harm Reduction Alliance.

Timeline: June 2017-Present

Position: University District Volunteer

Website: People's Harm Reduction Alliance


People's harm reduction alliance serves to provide empathetic services to drug-users. We are a peer-run organization that promotes the philsophy of harm reduction and safer drug use. Active users at all levels of PRHA facilitate the need-based needle distribution program that serves the Cascadia region.

My Role

I discovered this organization through a class project in my HCI class during spring quarter during my Sophomore year. I had never been involved in working with drug-use before so I wanted to get involved in this opportunity to learn more and also give back to this commmunity. I act as a volunteer every Wednesday at the University District needle site and help to distribute needles and collect dirty needles. In addition, we provide narcan as well as provide resources for meth and crack users.

Future Goals:

I look to continuing to serve in PHRA throughout my time at the University of Washington to continue to learn about this population and how I can better serve this community.