Huskies for Opportunities in Prison Eduction.

Timeline: December 2015 - June 2017

Position: Fundraising Coordinator

Website: Huskies for Opportunities in Prison Eduction


Huskies for Opportunities in Prison education is a group of UW students devoted to creating and improving post-secondary education programs inside of prisons and making these rare opportunities more accessible to prisoners. Our organization supports the education of prisoners as a measure that is underutilized in our country’s hyper-punitive incarceration system, which remains focused on retribution and deterrence rather than rehabilitation. We advocate for education behind bars as a humane and effective opportunity for prisoners who will be leaving prison with social, legal, and economic handicaps to successfully reintegrate back into society after incarceration. We hope that increased prison education will be one of the first steps toward making a more humane and rehabilitative criminal justice system a reality in our country.

My Role

I came accross Huskies for Opportunities in Prison Education during my freshman year during one of the outreach events they were holding. Because I was very interested in education, this issue became very near and dear to me. Through H.O.P.E. I have been able to spread awareness about this issue as well as raise money for currently incarcerated students to take correspondence college courses.

Future Goals:

I hope that we can continue to spread awareness about this issue and that the current administration does not hinder the work and progress that has been made thus far in improving educational opportunities for incarcerated students to decrease the rate of recidivism. This will come in the form of raising more money for scholarships as well as doing outreach on the UW campus to raise awareness for this important issue.