Dream Project.

Timeline: September 2015-Present

Position: High School Lead for Kent Meridian High School

Website: Dream Project


Dream Project acts as a mentorship program for college students to work with high school juniors and seniors in the roadmap region. We provide mentorship to provide support for post-high school pathways. Each week, college students travel down to high-schools in order to 13 high schools to provide mentorship. In addition to this, Dream Project hosts multiple events throughout the year at the University of Washington to provide additional support for college access and post-high school pathways

My Role

I have served as a mentor in Dream Project since my freshman year and also served as a high school lead since the spring of my freshman year. As a high school lead, I create curriculum for mentors and also lead mentors to Kent Meridian high school every week. In addition to this, I help maintain the relationship between Kent Meridian and Dream Project, acting as a liason between the two groups in order to ensure that a healthy and stable relationship is maintained.

Future Goals:

I am currently serving as a high school lead for one more year and I hope to be able to transition to other roles within Dream Project in the coming year. This includes outreach to 9/10th grade students as well as getting involved with the steering committee at Dream Project if possible.